When you clear a stage, you get a score assigned to how well you fought the enemies. If your score was high enough then you will be awarded with one to three crowns depending on your score. Try to gather more crowns because you can get many free items that way. You can check how many crowns you have in your player info! 

Crown number item Item count
10 pieces coin 50000
Twenty Sheep drink One
Thirty Skills Ring rainbow (Thursday) One
Forty coin 100000
Fifty Sheep drink Two
Sixty Skills Ring rainbow (water) One
Seventy coin 150,000
Eighty Sheep drink Three
Ninety Skills Ring rainbow (Tuesday) One
Hundred Dream drop Ten
110 pieces coin 200,000
120 Sheep drink Four
130 pieces Skills Ring rainbow (light) One
140 pieces coin 250,000
150 Sheep drink Five
160 Skills Ring rainbow (Thursday) One
170 pieces coin 300000
180 Sheep drink Five
190 pieces Skills Ring rainbow (water) One
200 Dream drop Ten
210 pieces coin 350,000
220 pieces Sheep drink Five
230 pieces Skills Ring rainbow (Tuesday) One
240 coin Four hundred thousand
250 Sheep drink Five
260 Skills Ring rainbow (light) One
270 coin 450000
280 Sheep drink Five
290 pieces Skills Ring rainbow (Thursday) One
300 Dream drop Ten
310 pieces coin 500,000

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