Rare Summons Table Edit

(In no particular order. Rarity specific names.) Edit

  • North Pole Queen Sedona
  • Iceberg Queen Sedona
  • Brain Killer Hare
  • Chiptuner Hare
  • Phoenix Monk Daian
  • Daian the Monk
  • Global TV Man
  • Local TV Man
  • Instructor Shanhao
  • Martial Artist Shanhao
  • Fighting Dancer Ryoko
  • Fighting Girl Ryoko
  • Robot King Nayuta Tsuchimiya
  • Robot Champ Nayuta Tsuchimiya
  • Pastry God Charlotte
  • Pastry Chef Charlotte
  • Marching Drum Mako
  • PK Baby Rintaro
  • White Priest Lancaster
  • Light Music Panda Yuyuki
  • Tenor Saxophone Hidetsugu
  • Spitz Dog Trainer Chizuru
  • Genius Botanist Violet
  • Child Artist Niko
  • Bamboo Princess Kaguya
  • Animal Diver Mike
  • Attacking Diver Polish
  • Heavy Arms Collector Shizuka
  • Chosen Player Anju
  • Hero Boy Naota
  • Emergency Samurai Isami
  • Cosplay Girl Mia
  • Cheerleader Anna
  • Illusionist Andy Nine
  • Shrine Girl in Training, Futaba
  • Mushroom Chief Takeda
  • H4ck3r M@rk III
  • Negative Ninja Suzune
  • Student President Yuto Hayami
  • Battle Rabbit, Mr. Bunny
  • Diver Nami
  • Underground Fighter Tatsuya Akagi

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