Overdive increases the drop rate of extra treasures! As your overdive level increases, so does your chance to get extra treasure.

There are several good reasons why you should overdive your divers.

1- Treasure box drop rate increased  (the ones that drop from enemies)

2- Quest clear bonus win rate increases

3- Increases the maximum level cap of the diver up to +10 levels @ Overdrive lvl 20

- Can continue to Overdrive but will not boost level cap any higher.

The higher your divers are overdive, the higher rate you have of getting more loot.

How to overdiveEdit


1. Go to the Divers menu and click Enhance Divers/Over Dive

2. Choose the Diver you want to over dive

3. Select materials that are copies of your diver or an evolution. Then Enhance!! 


In the photo above, they use the cat diver and multiple of his evolution. There are 8 materials which is why his Over dive level will go from 0 -> +8