Introduction to the basics of quests. There are a variety of play elements and many valuable items and divers to obtain.

Complete Treasure BoxEdit


If you collect all four [?] treasure boxes you can unlock the bonus treasure box! That way you can get free Dream Drops, High Rank Strengthening Tarot Card, a Skill Ring, or a Valuable Evolution stone such as the Swallowtail.

Sleeping Beauty MemoriesEdit


When you defeat enemies during puzzle stages, there is a rare chance to drop a special jewel "Sleeping Beauty Memory". There are six pieces in each area, if you collect all six memories, you can obtain a special diver. Thus to complete all of the gallery collect the "Sleeping Beauty Memories!" See more on it here.

Advantages of using HeroEdit


There are a lot of benefits to using this character over other divers.

  • His team cost is 0
  • Usually 3* Divers max level is [40] but he can grow to level [50]
  • His Growth rate by enhancing is faster than other divers.