Introduction on the basic play styles of the game

Combo AttackEdit


After linking together 6 of an elemental or life gem, a chain gem will appear. 

By linking together multiple chain gems, there will be a damage multiplier depending how many chain gems are linked.

Multiple chains are dependent on the number of repeated gems you have and will increase rapidly if you connect more. This can cause the final damage to be very high.

By using chain gems and linking them together, you are certain to do huge damage to enemies!

Special Leader skills with Multiple ChainsEdit


Leader skills have some special impacts during the puzzle stage.

You can chain multiple elements or when you chain multiple chain gems. Under these conditions it is possible to provide a 1.2x or a 1.4x the total damage dealt.

For example: when water and earth are used at same time, the damage will inrease by 1.2x.

This leader skill is advantageous during puzzles and should be taken advantage of.

Cancelling ChainsEdit


When you slide your finger to the top of enemy screen area or to the bottom of the party area while you have a chain, you can cancel the connected gems. This is a very efficient way of cancelling your chains and can be done with one hand.