"A new puzzle RPG from Tetsuya Mizuguchi" The hit puzzle RPG from Japan is now available in English!


People throughout the world are suffering from Sleeping Illness, trapping them in the Dream World. Some -Divers- are able to enter and exit the Dream World at will. One diver stands above the rest, and he and his allies work to cure the sleeping disease, and rescue those trapped within the Dream World.


Eighteen: Dream World is an addictive and FREE chain puzzle game, with hundreds of unique characters to collect and a classic blend of modern anime and JRPG styles! Unlike traditional match-3 games, in 18: Dreamworld, you play the game by tracing long winding chains of colored gems! Journey through more than 100 story based stages as you battle the evil Dream World Witches in an effort to save the innocent Sleeping Beauties trapped in their domain.


Mari Kaneda- The Proprietor of the Succubus Bar, a base of operations for many divers. She knows many secrets about the Dream World.

Hero- A new diver with a surprising amount of power. Believed to be the savior of the Dream World.

Professor K- The leading expert in Dream World studies, and working to find a cure for Sleeping Illness. In the Dream World, he takes the appearance of a cat.


Published by GameSamba , the game was released on 10/25/2016 to Android. IOS has not be released but will be coming soon. It is currently being supervised by Tetsuya Mizuguchi/

The official website can be found at

The game is free to play and can be downloaded for android here .

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